Stars of the Week- Week ending Friday 22nd March

Nursery- Lennie

For his natural curiosity and interest in so many areas of learning.

Reception- Theo

For his determination in absolutely every area of learning.

Year 1 – Rhodri

For his absolute passion for reading.

Year 2 – Amberly

For her fantastic efforts in reading, and the tremendous progress that she has made of late.

Year 3 – Alice

For her natural kindness to those around her.

Year 4 – Anton & Lexi

Anton -For his curiosity and high level of interest during the trip to West Stow.

Lexi- For her politeness, helpfulness and respect for others during the trip to West Stow.

Year 5 – James S

For his general kindness and his fantastic efforts to follow up the soup-making experience at Sandringham by making his mum soup for Mother’s Day.

Year 6 – Ky

For his fabulous efforts with creative writing and for being an excellent ambassador for the school.