Stars of the Week – Week ending Friday 1st March 2024

Nursery – Jack

For his wonderful efforts with singing and phonics.

Reception- Billy

For his fantastic efforts to improve his writing.

Year 1 – Lewis

For superb efforts to improve the quality and consistency of his handwriting.

Year 2- Callum

For listening carefully to teacher feedback and always acting so positively on advice.

Year 3 – Chloe

For her kindness in helping others and being such a wonderful role model.

Year 4 – Nancy

For wonderful efforts with her reading and her Rock Stars, and for always being such a shining light of happiness and positivity.

Year 5 – Philippa

For her care and consideration for others, including Mrs Lewis after she’d been accidentally bitten by her dog. Also for her superb efforts at organising her learning and really working on her spellings and key targets.

Year 6 – Cherie

For her determined efforts in maths, always putting her hand up and really applying herself to her learning.