Stars of the Week- Week ending Friday 1st December

Nursery – Ada

For her lovely efforts with singing and dancing during school play rehearsals.

Reception- Jasper

For his excellent singing and increasing confidence and willingness to perform on stage.

Year 1- Shrayan

For his tremendous interest and enthusiasm for all areas of learning.

Year 2- Bella

For her fantastic efforts with her learning and her kindness to those around her.

Year 3- Chloe C

For her positive attitude, listening skills, and determination in learning.

Year 4- Sophie

For her fabulous reading at the Abbey Carol Concert.

Year 5- Rajan

For his instinctive kindness to others and helpful nature around the classroom.

Year 6 – Cherie

For her resilience in maths and for treating two vicars to cups of tea using the teapot that she made in Pottery Club.