Stars of the Week- Week ending Friday 19th May

Nursery- Wan Yu

For getting ready, independently, for Lunch Club.

Reception- Anna

For the fabulous care that she takes with her writing.

Year 1 – Simran

For being such a kind and considerate friend to others.

Year 2 – Caelan

For being so helpful and kind, especially when helping others out at lego club. also for his determination and effort in all areas of learning.

Year 3 – Alice

For her methodical approach to maths and careful listening to mathematical instruction.

Year 4- Emmanuel

For his superb geographical knowledge, a talent that he has developed through his efforts and passion in geography; An ability to name and locate EVERY country in the world!

Year 5- Matty

For his kindness to others and his amazing efforts with his canopic jar.

Year 6 – Jack S

For his increasing level of maturity and fabulous sense of humour.