Stars of the Week- Week ending Friday 16th June

Nursery- Theo

For always being so good at turn taking and making sure that everybody is included.

Reception- Tilly

For her ‘super sentences’ in her writing.

Year 1 – Elsie

For superb progress in phonics, making a real effort to blend her sounds and showing greater fluency.

Year 2 – Ryleigh-Ann

After being off poorly, she has worked extra hard on her return to school and ‘blown Miss Harvey away with her phonics.’

Year 3 – Lucas

For his fabulous efforts and care in geography, mapping out the route of the Thames from source to sea.

Year 4 – Catherine

For her superb efforts in learning and her wonderful organisation skills, as evident whenever she attends School Council meetings.

Year 5 – Malaika

For excellent Literacy work and for being a kind and special friend to others.

Year 6 – Robbie

Mr Jones says he has seen ‘a transformation in confidence from Robbie since our return from Snowdonia. He is also so wonderfully polite, as shown at the swimming gala and at our joint School Council meeting with Wheatfields Juinors.