Stars of the Week- Week ending Friday 16th April

Year R Paige For her fabulous attitude and progress in learning, particularly with her maths.

Year 1 Jonas For settling into Year 1 so beautifully, and for his excellent progress in maths.

Year 2 Arth For his fabulous use of conjunctions and sub-ordinate clauses in his creative writing, particularly within his piece on the noisy green frogs and the butterfly!

Year 3 Bella For her superb progress with spellings and her reading.

Year 4 Tommy For his outstanding presentation of his persuasive writing on the subject of The Circus.

Year 5 Ben For his excellent efforts across all areas, and for willingly offering to step in for the Year 5 Maths Challenge team and then being so gracious and mature when this was no longer necessary.

Year 6 Oliver For his brilliant gridded map of Ancient Athens, and his outstanding performances during the auditions for the Lion King.

We would also like to flag up an additional star in Year 1! Leo won the Star of the Week award a couple of weeks ago, but was absent on the Friday. Somehow, between Headteacher and infant staff, we managed to lose his certificate! (And then completely forgot… so Leo was presented with his certificate eventually. We wrote him a poem as our means of apology:

For wonderful patience,

 We’re awarding this now,

I can’t explain why? And I can’t explain how?

This boy was the Star and so I have learned

That he was away, and when he returned…

His special certificate wasn’t around,

We searched high and low but it couldn’t be found,

A mystery surely…Was it a ghost?

Or did it get lost via E-mail or post,

Did it evaporate? Don’t be so daft…

Most probably lost by incompetent staff,

So thanks for the time that you wondered and waited,

You’ll get it today and it’s well laminated!