Stars of the Week- Week ending Friday 15th September

Year R:     Joshua        For a fantastic start to his time in reception.

Year 1:      Vihaan        For sitting beautifully, listening attentively and being ready for his learning.

Year 2:     Gabriella     For putting her hand up when she wants to make a contribution and for her outstanding effort in the daily mile, running alongside Mrs Fox for a full ten minutes with so much enthusiasm.

Year 3:   Lola               For her amazing enthusiasm for all aspects of school life, as well as being chosen for the girls football team, who will play away to Bowmansgreen next Friday.

Year4:   Rebecca        An excellent role model who always shows so much interest and enthusiasm across all areas of learning.

Year 5:   Kai                A fabulous start to the year, especially with his reading, writing and mental maths.

Year 6:   Mark            An outstanding start to Year 6, a positive attitude to all areas of learning.