Stars of the Week – Week ending Friday 21st January

Year R Baani For having a go at such a broad range of activities in child-initiated learning.

Year 1 Mirabel For her fantastic efforts and cheerful approach to all areas of learning.

Year 2 Kitty For her positive attitude, kind nature and 100 per cent effort in everything that she does.

Year 3 Toby For his increasing confidence, fabulous effort and all round improvement. We will miss you Toby, and we wish you and Oliver every success with your move, and in your new school.

Year 4 Annabel E For her outstanding efforts, listening carefully and reflecting on her learning; and her increasing level of independence and the care in her presentation.

Year 5 Tulip For excellent engagement in lessons, following advice and applying herself with great determination to ensure outstanding progress across all curriculum areas.

Year 6 Joshua For his consistent effort and kindness to others.