Stars of the Week – Friday 19th March

Year R Max B For his superbly animated map of Harry Potter’s journey to Hogwarts.

Year 1 Maria For her excellent efforts and progress with phonics.

Year 2 Christian For excellent maths (halving and doubling strategies) and helping others with their learning.

Year 3 Ellie For her positive attitude to all areas of learning, her wonderful smile, and her resilience and bravery following her front tooth accident last weekend.

Year 4 Tommy For his outstanding explanation text about a brilliant invention; a clothes putter-awayer!

Year 5 Xander For his outstanding writing (openings, settings and plot- based on the ‘Tuesday’ book, along with his excellent effort with rectilinear shapes in maths.

Year 6 Alice For her exceptional computer coding programme featuring a dog’s challenge to overcome obstacles and get to the food bowl!