Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium

For 2020/21 Our Pupil Premium Funding is £6,072

Our planned allocation is as follows;

£400 School Uniform support.

£1200 to support field trips and the year 6 residential trip to Snowdonia. There are three PPG pupils in year 6, so this allocation is greater than usual.

£1000 school meal costs.

£2672 targeted maths booster support with Mrs Loukes.

£800 St Albans Plus Extended Services (pupil counselling).

For 2019/20 our Pupil Premium Funding was £8,880.

The allocation was as follows:

£250 to support day trips and field trips (this was reduced significantly when compared to 2018/19 as there were no PPG children in Year 6, and not the same level of need to support the Year 6 residential trip to Snowdonia.)

£1,200 school meal costs

£4,220 Targeted booster support in maths with Mrs Loukes.

£2,000 Targeted KS1 support with Read Write Inc reading and phonics.

£800  St Albans Plus Extended Services (counselling, mentoring & Parent Support Worker).

£350   Ensure full access for PPG children to extra-curricular clubs, swimming tuition and curriculum enhancement activities.

£60    Bikeability Training – KS2

The impact of our pupil premium funding can be measured in a number of ways;

All of our children, with the exception of one or two absentees through illness on class day trips, attended every school trip that was organised over 2019/20. The Snowdonia Field Studies trip was cancelled in May 2020 due to Covid 19.

The vast majority of PPG children attended extra curricular activities at some time over the course of the year; Only one PPG child chose not to attend any extra-curricular clubs.

St Albans Plus provided essential counselling services for six pupils over the course of the year.

All of our children could competently swim by the end of KS2.