Pupil Premium

Pupil Premium Strategy Statement – Skyswood Primary School


School Overview


Number of Pupils 237
Proportion of disadvantaged pupils 1.69%
Pupil Premium Allocation for this year £6,072
Academic year covered by statement 2020/21
Publish date September 2020
Review date July 2021
Statement authorised by Mr Bob Bridle – Head Teacher
Pupil Premium Lead Mr Bob Bridle – Headteacher
Governor Lead Mr David Eady

Disadvantaged pupil progress scores for last academic year


Measure Score
Reading Due to Covid 19 no standard assessment carried out so measure not available.
Writing Due to Covid 19 no standard assessment carried out so measure not available.
Maths Due to Covid 19 no standard assessment carried out so measure not available.


Strategy aims for disadvantaged pupils


Measure Activity
Priority 1 Support the social and emotional well-being and build resilience in PPG children in the light of Covid-19 pandemic.
Priority 2 Ensure fully inclusive educational opportunities for PPG children with regard to remote learning alongside school-based opportunities.
Priority 3 To support increased attainment of all PPG children across the breadth of the curriculum.
Potential barriers Establishing and maintaining strong partnerships and engagement with parents of PPG children.
Projected spending Allocated grant of £6,072






Teaching priorities for current academic year


Aim Target Target Date
Progress in reading Achieve national average progress scores or above by the end of KS2. July 2021
Progress in writing Achieve national average progress scores or above by the end of KS2. July 2021
Progress in mathematics Achieve national average progress scores or above by the end of KS2. July 2021
Attendance/Engagement with remote learning 100% attendance/engagement with remote learning. Return to school following lockdown.


Targeted academic support for current academic year


Measure Activity
Priority 1 Quality first teaching and high expectations for all PPG children, including high quality of remote teaching to ensure continuity and progression within the core subjects.
Priority 2 Targeted intervention support for maths (Leah Loukes).
Barriers to learning to be addressed by the agreed priorities. Low self-esteem in maths and confidence with a wider range of calculation strategies.
Projected Spending £2672- targeted maths booster support- Mrs Loukes


Wider strategies for current academic year


Measure Activity
Priority 1 Support inclusion through ICT devices for home learning and funding for field study trips, including residential trip to Snowdonia (July 2021). *50% of our pupil premium children are in our current Year 6 cohort.
Priority 2 Support social and emotional needs of our disadvantaged children and families. St Albans Plus counselling and mentoring services, alongside internal nurture group provision (Mrs Morrish/Mrs Ahmed).
Priority 3 Support parents with funding of school uniform.
Priority 4 School meal costs.
Barriers to learning to be addressed through these priorities. Improved self-esteem through inclusion and opportunity.

Management of feelings and strategies to support positive learning behaviours.

Improved social integration and peer group relationships.

Parental partnership to promote the value of remote learning and trips/activities to enrich learning.

Projected spending £1200 to support ICT devices & residential field trips.

£400 school uniform.

£800 St Albans Plus (counselling/mentoring) & internal nurture provision.

£1000 school meal costs.


Monitoring and Implementation


Area Challenge Action
Teaching Children’s self-esteem in maths.

Engagement in remote learning.

Identify and address gaps in learning on return to school.

Regular sessions with Mrs Loukes over blocked period of time within small focus groups.

Regular dialogues with parents, and additional support/scaffolding with resources. Regular positive feedback and monitoring of progress with remote learning outcomes.

Children access First Quality Teaching (FQT) and appropriate programme (HfL catch-up programme in English & maths). Staff trained to deliver catch-up programmes.

Monitor progress through book scrutiny/Pupil Progress meetings/ dialogues with parents/teachers and pupil voice.

Targeted Support Prioritise support and balance ‘catch-up’ expectations with the social & emotional needs of children. Additional focus of TA/teacher support for agreed intervention programmes identified through Pupil Progress meetings.

Targeted focus for maths booster support with Mrs Loukes. Additional support with Number Gym Club provision as necessary.

Ensure high quality PSHE provision within all classes and targeted nurture support where appropriate.


Wider Strategies Mental health of parents and their capacity to cope with the challenges of the pandemic.

Positive engagement of all PPG parents.

Family Support Worker to work with vulnerable parents/families.

Staff to maintain regular contact and dialogue with parents of PPG children throughout the lockdown period.

St Albans Plus counselling/mentoring services to support identified children.

Targeted clubs for PPG children and dialogues with parents to ensure inclusion on trips & with enrichment activities, such as the Year 6 residential trip to Snowdonia.

Signpost parents to St Albans Plus parenting workshops where appropriate.


For 2019/20 our Pupil Premium Funding was £8,880.

The allocation was as follows:

£250 to support day trips and field trips (this was reduced significantly when compared to 2018/19 as there were no PPG children in Year 6, and not the same level of need to support the Year 6 residential trip to Snowdonia.)

£1,200 school meal costs

£4,220 Targeted booster support in maths with Mrs Loukes.

£2,000 Targeted KS1 support with Read Write Inc reading and phonics.

£800  St Albans Plus Extended Services (counselling, mentoring & Parent Support Worker).

£350   Ensure full access for PPG children to extra-curricular clubs, swimming tuition and curriculum enhancement activities.

£60    Bikeability Training – KS2

The impact of our pupil premium funding can be measured in a number of ways;

All of our children, with the exception of one or two absentees through illness on class day trips, attended every school trip that was organised over 2019/20. The Snowdonia Field Studies trip was cancelled in May 2020 due to Covid 19.

All PPG children attended extra curricular activities at some time over the course of the year; One PPG child chose not to attend any extra-curricular clubs historically but regularly attended an extra-curricular club from September 2020 until the lockdown in January 2021.

St Albans Plus provided essential counselling services for six pupils over the course of the year.

All of our children could competently swim by the end of KS2.