Featured — 17 July 2021
School Closed

Regrettably, we have had little option but to close Skyswood Primary and Nursery School for all classes, with the exception of Year 6, as from Monday 19th July. With a local spike in Covid cases, the school have been affected through positive cases in years 1 and 3 over the past few days, along with a number of staff members who now have to self-isolate. This has resulted in a situation where we do not have sufficient staff to fully supervise our children under the current regulations. We recognise that these regulations change on Monday but do not feel comfortable in compromising the safety of your children for the sake of two days. Therefore, we will return to remote learning for Monday 19th and the morning of Tuesday 20th July.

Our absolute priority is the safety and well-being of our children and our school community. Year 6 have not been affected with any positive cases as yet, so our plans are to go ahead with the Year 6 Leaver’s trip, barbecue and Leaver’s Assembly (at The Sandpit Theatre on Tuesday morning). Year 6 children will return to school to collect their belongings following the Leaver’s Assembly and should then be taken home on Tuesday morning.

Our school will be open on Monday 19th so that any children who are not self-isolating can come in to collect their belongings.

We regret any inconvenience caused by our decision to close the school, and thank all of our parents and Skyswood families for their incredible support throughout the past four terms. We hope that you all have a safe and enjoyable summer break.

Bob Bridle (Head teacher)

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