Savoury Master Chef Final

Congratulations to our fabulous six Master Chef finalists, who brought sample portions into school for yesterday’s final (observing social distancing advice, as with our judging panel). Mrs McCarthy, Mr Oswin and Mr Bridle were treated to six fabulous recipes and we would like give special congratulations to Laura on being crowned our first ever Savoury Master Chef of the Year. Laura’s amazing flatbreads and dips (along with her three recipes over previous weeks) earned her the title, although it was a close decision with Tabitha’s delicious dahl and flatbreads and Ariella’s ‘melt-in-your-mouth’ quiche selections running Laura particularly close. Lara’s meatballs were also delicious, and Hamish created a superb piping-hot Chicken pot pie with green beans. Carmel’s chicken was also of a superb standard and all six dishes were superb. The three judges do now not need to eat again until at least next Wednesday!

The standard amazed us all and we will now proceed and look to publish Skyswood’s first ever Savoury Master Chef. Something that I’m sure all of our finalists will be incredibly proud to see in print.

Congratulations to Laura, our Master Chef Champion
Laura’s wonderful flat breads and home made dips to die for!
Carmel’s delicious chicken with perfectly cooked green beans.
Lara’s tasty spaghetti and meatballs
Hamish cooked a wonderful chicken pot pie with green beans
Clearly a lot of hard work went into that chicken pot pie!
Ariella’s outstanding selection of mini-quiche
Tabitha’s outstanding dahl curry with flatbreads and tomato salsa