Early Years Presentation and Play Day

We look forward to presenting a Nursery Open Evening on Wednesday 24th February at 7.00 p.m. The evening will look at the importance of securing a first class early years education, and how the early years has such a significant impact on future happiness and success. The evening will inform parents on how they can best support their children during such a crucial stage of their development. It will also explore the benefits of child initiated play, ‘busy fingers’ activities, the outdoor learning environment and the key benefits of a school-based nursery provision. The evening is open to any parents, regardless of whether they are in our immediate catchment area, as we wish to provide an informed look at how we can work together to maximise the potential for your child.

Even if you already have a child who has been through our nursery, or siblings within the school, we urge parents to attend if possible as there have certainly been some significant changes in the past couple of years.