Reception: Special Visitors!

We have been extremely lucky over the last couple of weeks to have had both the police and the fire service visit Early Years! First, it was the turn of the police who began by talking to us about their role in keeping us safe and explaining how using different forms of transport and animals such as dogs and horses. They then talked us through their uniform and all the equipment they carry day-to-day before allowing everyone to get in the police car – not all at once of course, but I think we broke some records for how many people could fit at any one time! We even had a blast of the siren before they left!

Last Friday, it was the turn of the fire service. They answered lots of our questions and made sure we knew that they do much more than just rescue cats from trees! They also explained their special protective uniform which they demonstrated by dressing up Mrs Kerr, and showed us the apparatus they use to help them breathe in a burning building.

We then had the privilege of going in the fire engine and everyone had a turn at spraying the hose which caused much hilarity as we tried to duck the spray in the wind!

A lot of fun was had by all but we also learnt a great deal about the roles of these very special people within our community. A huge thank you to all our visitors for making our learning so enjoyable, informative and memorable.