Reception finds out about our local community

This half term, our focus has been ‘Our School’. We have looked at how Skyswood has changed over the years by comparing photos past and present, and have also looked at maps to see what we look like from above, what surrounds us and what is in our local area.

To add to this, we have had two exciting trips to visit important places that serve our local community. The first was a visit to Marshalswick library which tied in very nicely with World Book Day! The children learned about the library and how to take books out, listened to two stories and also chose a book each that they could go and collect with their families another day. A big ‘Thank you’ must go to Ian, the library manager and his team for making us so welcome!

We also had another great morning visiting St Mary’s Church in Marshalswick. Rev. Kate explained to the children that ‘church’ means ‘people’ and they took part in five different activities illustrating how the church ‘welcomes’, ‘teaches’, ‘prays’, ‘celebrates’ and ‘shares’. They made folded paper crosses and watched them open ‘as if by magic’ as we floated them on water to reveal the word ‘welcome’. Rev. Kate told them about the Bible and how it tells us about the life of Jesus. The children coloured birds which were then hung on a ‘tree’ as a form of prayer. At the altar we learned about ‘The Last Supper’ and how the bread and wine are shared in remembrance of Jesus and finally, the children thought of ways that they can care and be kind to others when they leave the church. The children really enjoyed themselves: thank you Rev. Kate for making the visit such a fun learning experience!

In addition to our trips out, our friends in Nursery had a visit from Policemen Brad and Alex and invited us to join them. They talked to us about the different jobs they do to help people, and took us through the different parts of their uniform and the equipment they carry including a camera, handcuffs, a baton and notebook.

Policeman Alex then took the children to see his motorbike. He explained how how it helps him to get to emergencies quickly through heavy traffic and all the children got a turn at sitting on it. As if that wasn’t exciting enough, they then got to sit in the front of a police car! Policeman Brad let them press some buttons to switch on the blue flashing lights and to change the message that is displayed in the rear window. He explained what equipment they carry in the boot and then used a speed camera to see how fast they could run around the playground – 1mph!

Most importantly, the children learned from the visit that the police are there to help us and to keep us safe in our community.