Featured — 13 June 2021
Raku Kiln Ready to Fire!

Our Year 6 Pottery Club, thanks to the building skills of Mr Collenette, are proud to announce that our Raku kiln has now been completed and we can’t wait to try it out!

Each child contributed through laying a brick or two, and we also received advice from Hannah and Claire’s grand-dad, Mike Hardy, who has great experience when it comes to kiln-building. The club intend to carry out their first firing at Pottery Club on Thursday 1st July. The process involves firing up wood and the children will be closely supervised (with adults taking on the tong-handling responsibilities.) Our local neighbour and potter, Kathy Osmond, will hopefully be able to attend, along with Mike.

The process involves firing up the pots and then placing them in a metal bin with combustible materials (such as straw and sawdust). This ‘reduction’ process takes out the oxygen. The pots are then exposed to air and quenched in a bucket of water. The children will then see the glaze colours emerge and the ‘crackle’ effect that is common with many raku glazes.

A big thank you goes to Mr Collenette for the extensive efforts that he has put in to help us build our kiln!

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