With the Premier League starting back up over the past week, I’ve decided to post a football quiz. Here are twelve questions on the Premier League. Good luck! The answers will be posted at the weekend.



  1. In which season was the Premier League founded?
  2. Who scored the first ever goal in the Premier League?
  3. This season, Leicester City equalled the record win in the Premier League with their 9-0 victory against Southampton. Which team have also won by nine goals to nil in a Premier League fixture?
  4. Who is the all-time record goal scorer in the Premier League?
  5. Who were the first ever team to get relegated from the Premier League after losing 2-0 to Sheffield United?
  6. Which team have won the most Premier League titles?
  7. Which team, in 2013, were relegated from the Premier League but also won the F.A. Cup?
  8.  Gareth Barry has made the most Premier League appearances, playing 653 games. He represented four clubs in the Premiership. Three of these were Aston Villa, Everton and Manchester City. Which was the fourth club that Gareth Barry played premiership football for?
  9. Who were the first two teams in action when the Premier League resumed after ‘lockdown’ last Wednesday?
  10. Which Premier League team used to play their home matches at White Hart Lane?
  11. In 2012, Manchester City scored two dramatic late goals to win the Premiership title on the last day of the season. Who were their opponents on that dramatic final day?
  12. Which team, in 1996, had a massive twelve point lead at the top of the premiership but then had a poor run of results and lost out on the title to Manchester United?

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