Poetry Club

This week the theme for Poetry Club is ‘positivity’ poems. The lockdown has been a challenging time for everybody so these poems will be particularly apt and will focus on overcoming adversity and   happy endings!

There is a very clear structure that I’ll model, and it works well if you can use rhyme for alternate lines, but it doesn’t have to rhyme to be effective. The poem structure is divided into two parts. The first part focuses on ideas of adversity, things that could create challenges, fear or danger, or when things go wrong.

The second verse is ‘heroic’. The second verse could solve the problems or simply offer heroic statements that lead us to a happy ending!

The ideal structure would be two verses of eight lines, but you could shorten it to two verses of four lines if you prefer. Two verses of eight lines sounds quite a long poem, but the structure really helps and you’ll probably find that you have more than enough ideas to carry this through.

The first verse has the simple structure of listing things that could cause fear, danger or adversity; When the lightning strikes… When the avalanche falls.. When the tsunami hits etc…

The second verse is the heroic or protective bit… Start the verse with the words ‘I will’ or ‘I will be…’

I will be your light in the darkness… your harbour in the tempest… your oasis in the desert etc…

Or I will calm the ocean waves, tame the wild horses etc…

Here are a couple of examples;


When the Thunder Rumbles


When the thunder rumbles,

When the skies turn black,

When the rock face crumbles,

When the wolves attack,

When the winds blow cold,

When the rivers run dry,

When the moon is eclipsed,

When the birds leave the sky.

I will muffle the thunder,

I will bring back the light,

I will make the stars shine

In the heart of the night,

I will offer you shelter,

I will banish the rain.

And the sun will return

And shine again!


When the Scorpion Arches


When the scorpion arches,

When the harvest fails,

When the sky clouds over,

When the wild wind wails,

When the puzzle piece is missing,

When we burn the cakes,

When the crystal shatters,

When the porcelain breaks…

I will calm the oceans,

I will tame the seas,

I will take the wild wind

And create a mild breeze,

I will tend to the harvest,

I will see the sun rise,

I will shape the future

I will brighten the skies.


Here’s a non-rhyming example:


When the Milk turns Sour


When the milk turns sour

When the dough turns hard,

When the moon hides behind the clouds,

When the sea freezes over,

When the cobra strikes,

When the walls fall down,

When the dominoes tumble,

When the lions pounce…

I will be your rainbow,

I will bring back the sun,

I will offer you birdsong,

I will bring silver linings to your clouds,

I will carry you forwards,

I will help you stand proud,

I will look on the bright side

And all will be fine.


        A shorter version could use two verses of four lines:


When the Lightning Strikes


When the lightning strikes,

When the hurricane hits,

When the perfect canvas

Is ripped to bits…

I will fix your canvas,

I will capture the storm,

And our world will return

To be peaceful and warm.


        Next week we will be welcoming back many of our children; from nursery, reception, Year 1 and Year 6. I will post our final Poetry Club next Monday and I will then post some different challenges on Mondays that children in Years 2, 3, 4 and 5 might like to try out at home.

Our poetry book will be sent to the publishers next week. It has now reached 100 pages in length and the poems are an absolute credit to all of the contributors. If you haven’t yet had a go at writing a poem and would like to have a poem published, then you have this week or next week to give it a go. I would particularly like to thank the children who contribute every single week. Chloe, Hannah, Megan and Ana have been absolute super stars and I love reading your poems each week. When our Poetry Book is published and delivered to school we will present each of you four with a copy of the book. This will be a deserved prize for your amazing efforts and fabulous poems throughout the lockdown. We will be ordering a print run of 100 books so there will be plenty available. They will cost £5.00 per book and the launch will probably be somewhere around late June, early July. We will set up an opportunity to purchase books on line and parents will be able to collect any books that they purchase from our reception area once they become available for purchase. Any profits will go towards the NHS. If we sell out then this could be around £150 as a gesture of our thanks and appreciation.