Featured — 31 March 2020

Last week I asked Year 6 to suggest pieces or songs which I could share in ‘Piece of the Week’.  They have made some fantastic suggestions, with very thoughtful and interesting reasons as to why that song or piece should feature.  I have really enjoyed listening to all the songs and pieces, some of which were completely new to me.  This week I have chosen a song which I have heard many times, but I realise now that I have never properly listened to the lyrics and it’s all about music!

Thank you, Bella, for the suggestion of ‘Sir Duke’ by Stevie Wonder.  Here is Bella’s explanation:  

‘Sir Duke, a popular song by Stevie Wonder, was written and released in 1976. Stevie Wonder, composer of Sir Duke, wrote this piece as a tribute to music. Though it was specifically for Duke Ellington, a jazz bandleader and composer. In this song, an ensemble of jazz players perform. The instruments include the drums, bass, rhythm guitar, alto saxophone, 2 trumpets and tenor saxophone. Stevie Wonder also plays the keyboard and other instruments. At the start, a large horn section plays a catchy tune that is repeated at various points throughout the piece. In conclusion, I think this piece is a calm and happy piece that I would recommend to anyone who enjoys Jazz music.’

I will post more listening suggestions from Year 6 here over the holidays.

Out of the Ark have posted a second week of free songs to sing at home, this week featuring one of our favourite songs from last year – Spring Chicken!  If you’d like to learn a new song, I like the sound of ‘A Little Bit of Kindness’ and have added this to my singing plan for when we go back to school.


Best wishes, Mrs Salway

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