Our Red Nose Day- Thursday 23rd March

As you will be aware, our School Council voted to support charities through Comic Relief activities and we have scheduled our Red Nose Day for Thursday 23rd March (rather than Friday 24th March) due to a class trip on the Friday.


Children have raised the question as to which specific charities our contributions go towards on a number of occasions, particularly when raising funds for events such as Children in Need and Comic Relief. We have always been happy to support such events on the understanding that funds are raised for a vast range of worthwhile causes.


This year, our School Council would like to support two specific charities, both of which have been endorsed under the Comic Relief umbrella, and have a more personal and immediate connection to our school. We would like to inform you of the two charities that we have chosen:


‘Let’s all support a Run and a Walk!’


The two charities have a Skyswood connection (through a parent and Mr Bridle) and are also being supported through the London Marathon and the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage:


Children With Cancer UK


One of our parents, Stuart Burden, will be completing the London Marathon on Sunday 23rd April in bare feet and dressed as Mr Rush. Stuart will be aiming to raise £10,000 for Children with Cancer UK. Children’s cancers are very different to adult cancers and it is vital that funds are raised to carry out the necessary research. The most common form of children’s cancer is acute lymphatic leukaemia and the second most common cancer in children is brain tumours.


Brain and Tumour Research


In May 2014, Jake Moorman underwent serious life saving surgery to remove a bleed on the brain. This surgery had to be repeated in June 2016 when Jake required a 10 hour brain operation following another haemorrhage. The operation was a success and, miraculously  (four months after his discharge) Jake has been given the ‘all clear.’ Jake’s father, Martin, is a good friend of Mr Bridle’s. Their family have been through incredibly challenging times over the past three years and Martin, along with his two sons, will be embarking on the 500 mile Camino de Santiago walk on April 1st in a bid to raise £5,000 for Brain and Tumour Research.


We feel that it will be even more meaningful to raise funds for two causes that we can closely follow as a school. Mr Burden will come in to the school to lead an assembly based on his London Marathon venture and  the Camino de Santiago team will happily send us posts throughout their month-long expedition, so we can closely follow the progress of both events.


I recognise that sponsor forms have already been circulated for our Comic Relief Talent Show. We would recommend that any children collecting sponsorship please inform any potential sponsors of the two charities that we have chosen to support.