Operation Christmas Child

The School Council have decided that this Christmas our school will be taking part in ‘Operation Christmas Child,’ otherwise known as ‘The Shoe Box Appeal.’ The school have supported this Samaritan’s Purse Appeal before, but not over the past few years. Myles summarises the appeal in his excellent report:

‘The Shoe Box Appeal is an annual event where people from all over the globe make up a shoe box with toys, foods, toiletries, and other practical gifts. These items go all the way to India, Africa, South America and other such places. The boxes go to areas in our world where children are unlikely to receive any presents at Christmas. However, we’re going to make sure that they do! We need to remember, when sending objects this far, that we must put in long lasting objects. You can choose which age group your box is for, or whether it is for a boy or girl. So start thinking about what you might put in!’

Parents and children will receive more information nearer the date. We will be holding special assemblies in the week before half term, and our deadline date for completed boxes will be Friday 4th November.