Parent Liaison


The support of parents is vital in creating the strong community atmosphere which is such a strength of Skyswood. 

The teachers are always available to speak to parents, and every term you are invited for a consultation to assess your child’s progress. You may also catch up briefly before or after sessions or, for more extensive queries/concerns, an appointment can be made. 

We recognise the importance of strong parent/school partnerships in order to provide the best start in life for your child.  There are many opportunities to become involved in building these relationships as we ask you to commit to being part of our school community in a range of ways.  For example, punctuality and attendance are fundamental in supporting your child to settle into daily routines; there is clear evidence to show that the better the attendance then the better the learning for the child.  Taking holidays during school term time is actively discouraged; the more time they have with us in class helps them to feel safe and secure in our environment. In addition, encouraging your child to walk or scoot to school is also something we encourage parents to commit to, and for those of you who live further afield, we appreciate it when you park a short distance from school and then walk or scoot into school for the remainder of your journey.  

We like to welcome every parent to automatically become a member of the Friends of Skyswood School (FoSS) and you are therefore welcome to join in the many varied activities that are organised throughout the school year.