Net Curtain Appeal!

Many thanks to the parents and families who have kindly sent us in newspapers and large sheets of card for prop making, and house bricks for our raku kiln. We now have plenty and it really has helped us. The Lion King props are coming along fine thanks to your donations, and we now have everything ready for our Raku Kiln building day (which will be Thursday 6th May).

One final prop that we’re keen to create is a magnificent elephant for the Circle of Life opening number. We have the cardboard… we have the newspaper… and we have the papier-mache paste all ready. It may appear an odd request, but the two other items that we require for our wonderful elephant are any old net curtains or sheeting. If any parents have old net curtains or sheets in the loft, and are happy to donate them, they will go towards making a very ambitious seven-piece elephant!