Miracle in Town

Our Nursery and Reception children performed beautifully and treated us all to very special presentation of ‘A Miracle in Town.’ The children set out to tell the story of the Baby Jesus and how a magnificent angel flew down to tell Mary that she would give birth to the Son of God. The little donkey, as with tradition, clip clopped  off to Bethlehem, but unfortunately there was no room at the Inn!  Luckily they found that down in the stable ‘wasn’t too bad.’ The shepherds, meanwhile, made their way to Bethlehem whilst the Three Kings followed the star  (making good use of early telescopes!)  The star ‘razzle-dazzled’ and the wonderful well-designed’ camels helped them on their way.

All of the children truly brought the show to life through their wonderful singing, which was animated with some fabulous actions. The children spoke clearly and really enjoyed performing to their parents. Many thanks must also go to Mr Sharpe, who saved the day with a magnificent collection of photographs after we’d experienced some difficulties transferring our dress rehearsal photos from the school camera.

All in all a delightful performance, well done to all of our early years’ children and staff.