Kindness, creativity and a fantastic all-round effort!

Thank you again to all those children who have been sending me their pictures and poems, and I’d like to pass on how impressed the staff are by the efforts of our children with their home learning tasks. Keep it up, we’re proud of you! Here’s our latest collection of what you’ve all been up to!

Jack, Year 3, has taken ‘doodling’ to a whole new level!
Jack’s completed doodle. Inspirational! He started out at eight o’clock this morning and finished by about 7.00 p.m. Jack used a sharpie and has included people, lines. spy eyes, animals, shooting stars and gem shapes. What an amazing effort Jack!
Mia (Year 3) ‘Says it with Lego.’
Mia’s also been lending a helping hand with her own litter pick!
And we all echo Mia’s message to the NHS and the postal service!
Emma (Year 5) has used striking colours for her horse-themed Warhol!
Daniel (Year 3) has created ladybirds Warhol-style!
Matilda (Year R) wanted to write about angels.
Annabel (Year 2) chose to write about dogs.
Jack (Year 3) and Rose (Year 1) have now been printing as part of their Andy Warhol study!
Connor has created a wonderful cartoon broccoli.
Jacob (Year 6) has drawn a cheerful-looking watermelon.
And now for something more exotic…. the ackee fruit from Jamaica, created by Tilly (Year 6)



Green grass moving in the wind,

Crunchy green cucumber as I bite.

Crispy green leaf as we walk by,

Shiny green pencil rubbing on the paper,

Comfy green blanket I take to bed.

Bobby (Year 4)



You are the wind in my sails,

My quiet summer sea,

My stopper knot on the rigging

When I am with you I feel like I could face

A thousand stormy seas,

Twenty tsunamis

One million sharks.

Without you…

I am a drifting oar,

A dislodged anchor,

Flotsam and jetsam on the surf

But when you are here

The decks are shiny

All storms have disappeared

You are the wind in my sails.


Emma (Year 5)8


Oscar (cat)

You are my sunny day,

My tuna loving feline.

When I am with you I feel like….

A million sunbeams,

A hundred catnip plants,

A purr of content.

Without you I would be…

An empty sachet of sheba cat food.

A cloud over a warm ray

A hiss and a scratch.

But when you are here…

I have unlimited chicken

Ten deep rumbling purrs of delight

Soft, black, silky fur.

Emma (Year 5)



Excitement is when my Elf on the shelf comes

Is going back to school once the coronavirus has ended

Doing my first comedian act

Getting and finishing a new Lego set

Beginning a new history project

Hearing a secret

Sausages cooking on a barbeque

Watching Santa reading my Christmas letter

The first bite of a Simmons chocolate éclair

The feeling when I score a goal in hockey and save a goal in football.

Chloe (Year 4)


Gabriella (Year 6) has created a ‘cool cucumber.’
Emily (Year 6) has created ‘Super Melon.’
Rory (Year 2) has created King Super Banana
Jack (Year 6) baked an impressive ginger cake
And here is Jack’s Lego classroom, with all characters tuned in to their learning. ( Jack is Yoda!)
And here’s Jimmy’s (Year 6) Woody Watermelon!
Harry (Year R) has created a cartoon pumpkin!
Oliver (Year 4) has created a happy pineapple with a leafy green crown!
Sara’s (Yr R) Mr Sweetcorn cartoon. Mrs McCarthy’s sweetcorn in Sara’s absolute favourite!
Sara’s lovely Mrs Banana, with Babby Banana also giving us a smile!
Samuel is enjoying some ‘ocean’ happiness with his April Fool’s Photo!
Eva’s banana looks ready for a dance!
Leo’s Andy Warhol picture (Year R)
Robbie’s Warhol-Style Pikachus! (Year 3)


Amber is leaves falling from the autumn trees,

A cat’s glowing eyes in the shadows,

Maple syrup running down the edge of my plate,

A blazing fire burning log after log,

The sun on the hottest day of year,

The feeling of walking back into your house on a cold winter day,

A whiff of the freshly baked gingerbread,

The sound of crispy fluttering leaves in the breeze,

A mouthful of a fluffy pancake covered in honey,

The sight of a woodland fox’s ruffled fur against the gentle wind.

Jodie (Year 6)


Ana (Year 1) has written a beautiful poem about love
Eva (Year R) has written a beautiful poem about kindness
Ana’s pineapple cartoon is looking very cool!
And a beautiful rainbow-coloured heart for the NHS!
Eva’s talented tomato is juggling with six blue balls!