Infant and Reception Class Author of the Term Competition- Lauren Child

Charlie and Lola Go to the Zoo

Imagine that Lauren Child is writing a new Charlie and Lola book, entitled ‘Charlie and Lola go to the Zoo.’

In the story, Charlie and Lola get to see lots of animals. Our Author of the term competition is to design a page for the new Charlie and Lola go to the Zoo book. Choose a favourite animal (or animals) to illustrate. Think about what Charlie or Lola would say about that animal. Have a practice at drawing Charlie and Lola before you start your illustration.

Reading a few Charlie and Lola books would really help. Sometimes the text is wrapped around the picture. The Lauren Child style of illustration often uses simple colours and patterns. You could cut animal shapes out of wallpaper or wrapping paper if you wish to go down the ‘pattern’ route. See if your page can reflect the style of a Charlie and Lola illustration.


Create a new character for a Lauren Child book

The second Lauren Child competition is to create a new character for one of her books. This could also link to Charlie and Lola if you wish; you could create a new friend, or maybe a pet?

Or you might like to look at other Lauren Child books, such as That Pesky Rat, Clarice Bean or Hubert Horatio. What would be a good name to make up for a Lauren Child character?  Look at lots of Lauren Child illustrations to give you a good idea of her style.