History Time Line- Help us to create an awesome display!

Our history Time Line competition finishes next Friday. We’ve already had a few entries but would love some more. For all of our talented artists (and we have many!) this is an opportunity to help us to create an amazing display, using the main wall in our school wall, along with the small area of wall above the entrance to our Year 4 classroom and the small area of wall above the stock cupboard doors.

We are looking for some fantastic cartoon that represent our history topics, plus a Norman! (We don’t actually cover the Normans as a topic but 1066 is an important date in British history, not only marking the Battle of Hastings and Norman invasion, but also marking the end of Anglo-Saxons and Vikings (a unit that we cover in Year 4).

The Time-Line starts out above the stock room cupboards (featuring Stone Age). The Bronze Age and Iron Age are then featured in the space above the Year 4 door. Ancient civilisations will be featured on the main wall outside Year 5 and then we venture from St Albans through the Middle Ages and eventually up to the twentieth century and modern day (above Year 6).

This will be a permanent display and an opportunity to have your pictures re-created in acrylics as part of our historical mural.

It is helpful for artists to know their ‘canvas space’ and with our mural I have uploaded pictures of the time-line so far to show you the space available for each topic.

We are looking for clip-art style of cartoons, but original children’s work to adorn the wall! You might like to draw a Roman soldier, an Ancient Egyptian, Greek or Mayan, Apollo astronaut or image of Guy Fawkes, or you might choose an object from one of these historical periods. We’d love a Viking longship, or maybe something as simple as a glowing candle for Florence Nightingale (which hasn’t been labelled just yet, but will be!).

I’ve also uploaded some clip-art pictures to give you an idea of the style that we’re looking for.

Please send any of your cartoons to head@skyswood.herts.sch.uk. Thank you for all those who have already sent pictures for the competition. Everybody who enters will receive a History Time-Line Mural Certificate, and the winning cartoons will help us to create something really special!

The area above our Year 4 classroom. We’re looking for some images for the wall space above and between the labelling. Maybe an Iron Age house? Some Bronze Age tools? Or a character from either of these ages!
We’re looking for some fabulous artwork to go in the space above these four ancient civilisations, which are featured above the Year 5 classroom door!
Here is the space available above our St Alban, Anglo Saxons, Vikings and Norman areas. The broken line shows that we are now AD rather than BC.
And here’s the space available to illustrate the War of the Roses, Gunpowder Plot and Great Fire of London. The vertical line on the right then jumps us up to The Victorian era, and this is where we will feature Florence Nightingale.
Our 20th Century spot (above the entrance to Year 6). Maybe something simple, like a poppy, could represent World War I. We’d love either an astronaut or a great picture of Apollo 11 to go above the Moon Landing space!
This is the space above the stock cupboards where we’ll start our time-line off and feature the Stone Age. The time-line obviously is not possible to draw to scale. The broken AD line on the main wall, form the birth of Christ to the modern day, is captured in a six metre length of wall. If we were to draw it to scale, the Stone Age part of the wall would have to continue for 7.8 kms (it would go as far as Redbourn!) Stone Age characters, or even better… Stone Age wall paintings like the ones that Year 3 do with Mrs McVeigh, would look fabulous in this space!
One of the characters from Egyptian or Greek Mythology might look good as a feature?
Or maybe a pharaoh?
An Iron Age hut would look good above the Year 4 door!
Maybe a Viking longship would make a striking image?