Year 5 — 24 June 2013

Please click on the link below to read our report from Hatfield House and click on individual photographs to enlarge.  You’ll see what a fantastic day we had!

Hatfield House Report

DSC05393 DSC05391 DSC05388 DSC05385 DSC05384 DSC05382 DSC05381 DSC05380 DSC05379 DSC05378 DSC05377 DSC05376 DSC05375 DSC05374 DSC05373 DSC05372 DSC05451 DSC05371

DSC05396 DSC05397 DSC05399DSC05450 DSC05449 DSC05448 DSC05447 DSC05446 DSC05445DSC05443 DSC05442 DSC05441 DSC05440 DSC05439 DSC05438DSC05437 DSC05434 DSC05433 DSC05432 DSC05431 DSC05430DSC05429 DSC05428 DSC05427 DSC05425 DSC05424 DSC05423DSC05422 DSC05421 DSC05420 DSC05419 DSC05418 DSC05416DSC05415 DSC05414 DSC05413 DSC05409 DSC05407 DSC05406DSC05405 DSC05404 DSC05402 DSC05401 DSC05400

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