Hares (as opposed to ‘hairs’), Poetry, Colourful Dogs and Settings for Rabbit Tales (as opposed to ‘tails!’)

There has been some fantastic artwork and creative writing over the past couple of weeks through our Animal Learning Club (where some learning challenges are set each Monday).

Hannah and Megan’s colourful dog pictures!
Three clay hares, all with their own unique character. Well done Daniel, Megan and Hannah
Hannah’s scene setting in a summer meadow.
Megan’s scene setting was beside the river bank.
The infant keyworker ‘bubble’ wrote a collaborative piece about the Rainbow Frog
A happy ending!
Can you spot the frog?
Frog and Dragon Story


My cat has…

Eyes like polished sapphires,

Ears like furry leaf points,

A tail like a black rope,

Paws like balls of fluffy felt,

Claws like tiny daggers,

And teeth like cut pearls.

Sherri (Year 4)



My silly cat has…

Eyes like fish bowls,

Ears like daisy petals,

A tail like a bendy crutch,

Paws like flower pots,

Claws like paper edges,

And teeth like tooth picks

Sherri (Year 4)



I didn’t know I’d miss-

My flute lessons

 And making wonderful music.

I didn’t know I‘d miss –

Having lunch with my friends

And chattering endlessly.

I didn’t know I’d miss –

Working out word problems

And making then up too.

I didn’t know I’d miss-

Leaving wild cliff-hangers in my stories

And making my friends laugh.

I didn’t know I’d miss-

Going on school trips

And having fun with my two BFFS.

I didn’t know I’d miss-

Having Art lessons

And letting creativity take over.

I didn’t know I’d miss –

The special assemblies on Friday

And Mr.Bridle giving out certificates for our achievements.

I didn’t know I’d miss –

Miss McAlister’s clear instructions in the lessons

And going off to do them.

I didn’t know I’d miss

Running away with my bestie into the stick area after school

And hiding from our parents.

    (Sherri – Year 4)



A pillow in the middle of the night,

A fancy glass chandelier, brightening the room,

A warm blanket in the winter,

The moon and stars after a long day of sunshine,

A red rose in the peak of Spring,

A soft rug on a hand woven floor,

A sweet smelling candle during a power cut,

A cool breeze under a scorching sun.

Sherri (Year 4)