Happy New Year from Year 3

Happy New Year to you all and a huge thank you for all our lovely gifts at the end of term. As usual we were thoroughly spoilt!

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas break and we look forward to welcoming the children back to an exciting Spring term.

Our Literacy unit of work is all about Myths and Legends which ties in beautifully with our History topic on the Greeks. The children will be learning about Greek Myths and Legends and may like to do some background reading on the ‘ Theseus and the Minotaur’, ‘Hercules’, ‘Pandora’s Box’ and ‘Perseus and Medusa’ stories. These will be explored further through our History topic work and Design and Technology, where the children will be designing and creating  Greek masks. Following this topic, we will be looking at instructional texts.

In Maths, in place value, we will be rounding, multiplying (and dividing) numbers by 10 and 100 and incorporating these strategies into word problems. Following this, we will be exploring 2D, 3D shapes and symmetry. In Handling Data, the children will be revisiting Venn and Carroll diagrams, tally charts and frequency tables.

Our topics in Science this term are ‘Teeth and Eating’, and ‘Rocks and Soils’. Children are welcome to bring in rock samples later in the term if they have them. In ICT, the children will be learning about, and using different forms of software to record and store information.

In P.E., we will be building upon last term’s gymnastic skills and looking at Net and Wall games.

In Art, we will be investigating pattern and looking at the work of Bridgit Riley.

This term in R.E. we will be exploring the life of Jesus through stories he told.

There will be no Environmental Club this half term. Show and Tell will continue to be on a Wednesday but for the first week back, general news will be welcome from everybody. A new rota will be sent home at the end of the first week back.