The Governing Body of Skyswood has ultimate responsibility for the conduct of the School and for the use of the financial resources delegated to the school by Hertfordshire County Council.

  • We advise and support the Headteacher and staff.

  • We help and support the School in meeting the needs of the pupils.

  • We are responsible for ensuring that the National Curriculum is delivered.

  • We are responsible for discipline within the School.

  • We have ultimate responsibility for personnel matters and help to select teachers.

  • We are a link between the School, Hertfordshire County Council and the local community.

  • We decide school policy and share responsibility for the management of the school with the Head Teacher and Senior Management Team.

We work together as a team to discharge these responsibilities. The Governing Body meets twice each term, and there are also two committees that meet regularly to focus on the Curriculum, Finance, Personnel, and Health & Safety and Premises issues. In addition, Governors undertake regular visits to the school to focus on particular areas. Recent visits have included a Focus on Writing and SEND. These visits help us as Governors understand the School better and meet with the staff and pupils. The Head Teacher and Chair of Governors meet at least fortnightly to discuss specific issues affecting the running of the school and to exchange ideas on current topics.

We have now completed the School Plan for this academic year, which is a working document for use by the school. It is based on the school’s analysis of current levels of performance, our assessment of how current trends and future factors may impact on our school and it sets out priorities and targets for improvement for the period ahead. Analysis of the Annual Parental Questionnaires and Pupil and Staff Surveys play a major role in forming our School Development Plan. As Governors these questionnaires help us identify areas that we need to focus on to continue to improve Skyswood’s performance, so we greatly appreciate you taking the time to complete the questionnaire.

In essence, the Governors of the school work together as a group of ‘critical friends’ to support the management of the School for the benefit of the pupils, staff and parents.

Current List of Governors  (Terms of Office in Brackets)

Chair of Governors
Mr James Mansell

Vice Chairs of Governors
Mrs Sarah White

Parent Governors – Appointed by Parent Election
Mr David Eady (03/04/2020 – 02/04/2024)
Mr Lakshmanan Ganesan (24/11/2020 – 23/11/2024)
Mrs Claire Wallis (24/11/2020 – 23/11/2024)
Mr Michael Rodrigues (05/10/2021 – 04/10/2025)
Mr Darren McCabe (21/11/2022 – 20/11/2026)

Staff Governors
Mr Bob Bridle   (01/09/2006 Onwards) – Headteacher
Mrs Jenny Kerr  (01/09/2022 – 31/08/2026) – Appointed by Staff

LEA Governors – Appointed by the LEA
Mr James Mansell (29/03/2019 – 28/03/2023)

Co-Opted Governors – Appointed by Governors
Mrs Lisa Foster   (01/10/2020 – 30/09/2024)
Mrs Sarah White (26/11/2019 – 25/11/2023)
Mrs Lisa Shipley  (01/09/2021 – 31/08/2025)
Mrs Jo Easter (05/07/2022 – 04/07/2026)

Clerk to Governing Body
Mr John Conlon

With the exception of Mrs Sarah White who is an Assistant Headteacher at a local secondary school and Mr David Eady whose wife works at a local secondary school, the governors have no relevant business interests to declare. Neither do any of them govern any other educational establishments and none of them are spouses, partners or relatives of any member of Skyswood Primary & Nursery School staff.

School Improvement Committee
Mrs Sarah White
Mr Bob Bridle
Mrs Jenny Kerr
Mr Lakshmanan Ganesan
Mrs Lisa Shipley
Mrs Jo Easter

(The role of Chair is shared on a rotation basis)

The School Improvement Committee ensures the pupils receive a broad and balanced curriculum, by monitoring and reviewing academic and pastoral arrangements, to ensure this is achieved in keeping with the ethos of the school and the requirements of the National Curriculum. We ensure effective provision for pupils with Special Educational Needs and ensure there are effective policies on child protection and bullying. Together the Head Teacher, the committee monitor and review the school improvement plan throughout the year.

Resources Committee Membership
Mr David Eady(Chair)
Mr James Mansell
Mr Bob Bridle
Mrs Claire Wallis
Mrs Lisa Foster
Mr Michael Rodrigues

The Resources Committee looks after everything that is not to do with the curriculum or the pupils. We consider staffing and pay levels, and also the state of the building and equipment. Importantly, together with the Head Teacher, we prepare the annual budget and keep a close eye on the financial position over the year.

A record of governor attendance at meetings can be found here:

SKYSWOOD Governor Attendance at Meetings 2021-2022



Governor Notices


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Skyswood Primary & Nursery School Financial Summary for Year Ending 31st March 2020Download



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