Front Cover for School Poetry Book

For all of the children who have already sent poems linked to our Skyswood Poetry Club, or for any children who send poems in the future, I have a special request that will help us with the cover design.

One of the key reasons for setting up the Poetry Club was to write and send poems to friends or family during this time of social restrictions. We particularly had grandparents and great-grandparents in mind, therefore I have decided to title our school poetry book ‘Poems for our Grandparents.’ (This does not mean that every poem you write has to be intended for grandparents or great-grandparents, it just feels an appropriate title given our current circumstances.)

I have spoken to Biddles Publishers and they will publish our book once we return to school. In thinking about a design for the front cover, I have decided that I would love to create a montage using pictures of grandparents of the children who have contributed poems. The montage will cover the entire sleeve (front and back). The title and our school name will also feature on the front. We will probably go for a print run of 150 copies (depends upon final number of contributors) and we will more than likely have the opportunity to ‘launch’ our book at Waterstones in St Peters Street.

Therefore, for anybody who has contributed poems, if you would also like your grandparents to feature on the cover, then I need you to send me pictures of your grandparents. When using somebody’s picture in a publication then it is usual and courteous to ask their permission. However, if you wanted it to be a pleasant surprise then you must at least check with your parents that it is something that your grandparents would be proud of and comfortable with.

I’ll do my best to include as many of your pictures as possible. Due to the size of the book cover I cannot promise to use ALL of the pictures on the cover itself , but I’ll do my best. If I can’t fit them all on the cover then I’ll put an additional ‘inset’ page within the book to ensure that all of your grandparents feature. Your photographs need to be mainly ‘portrait’ style if possible, and please choose well defined photos (a copy of your favourite photo of your grandparents would be particularly special.)

There is no set timescale to this, but the sooner you send me the pictures, the sooner I can get working on the montage. Already, after just three weeks of Poetry Club, the draft book stands at 40 pages in length, and the selected poems are of a superb quality. Although the book is selective, I promise that every child who sends poems in through Poetry Club will have at least one of their poems published in the book.