What is FOSS?
FOSS stands for “Friends of Skyswood School” – we are the school PTA.
We have two key aims:
1. To organise events for our children to enjoy.
2. To raise funds, allowing us to purchase the ‘above and beyond’ things that help to enhance learning and playtime opportunities for all of our children.

What events does FOSS organise?
The Summer Fair is our largest, most enjoyed and most complex event. We also run termly discos, the elves workshop, an Easter egg hunt, the school camping night, organise a family pantomime outing and lend-a-hand days to improve the school campus. We are always looking for new event suggestions (and for people to help organise the events).

What purchases has FOSS made recently?
Our recent major purchases have been the infant playground equipment, the junior tangle tree climber and (soon) a set of classroom iPads. We’ve also helped fund the nursery refurbishment and central quadrant remodelling. There are also numerous smaller purchases such as playground games, Viking armour, craft materials, goal posts and chicken support.

How does FOSS decide what to spend the money it’s raised on?
The majority of suggestions come from the teachers, though suggestions from parents and pupils are always welcome. Requests get discussed at the bi-termly meetings, before being decided by those present. For significant purchases requests for feedback are made to all parents via ParentMail.

What happens at a FOSS meeting?
• FOSS meetings happen every half term, usually on a Wednesday night at the King William IV or Speckled Hen pub
• They run from 8pm-10pm and we do our best to stick to this!
• We chat, get a drink, talk about forthcoming events, new event ideas, funding request from school, how money has been spent etc. Nothing heavy!

Why come to a FOSS meeting?
• Hear how the money we have raised to date is going to be spent
• Understand funding requests from school and have some input to these requests
• Input into fundraising event ideas for the year – the more ideas and new events, the better!
• Possibly put your hand up to help organise something – this is not crucial, but many hands make light work!
• Socialise with other parents who are also interested in making a difference to the extra parts of school life!

Why get involved and help organise an event?
• Every event we do makes money for FOSS, which means that all children can benefit from extra equipment
• All FOSS events are organised by a team – so you are never alone, and will always make new friends
• Honestly, it is fun. We aren’t perfect and we aren’t looking for perfection, just willing hands to help sometimes. And if you can do it once and not do it again, that’s fine, you won’t be lumbered for life!

The Friends of Skyswood School (FoSS) is a registered Charity, (No.1140514)

FoSS Reports and Newsletters

FoSS Roles

The FoSS Chair, Chris Kirkup can be contacted via the school office.