Florence Nightingale Day

Year 2 had a fantastic day today! The children all came in in their Victorian clothing and stayed in role for the entire day. Firstly, we had a creative session where the children completed application forms and made a variety of items such as sashes, greetings cards, diaries, lamps and medals.

Then, we had to help Florence match the missing suitcases to the people on their way to Scutari hospital. The children had to look at artifacts and find clues to help them.

Finally, in the afternoon, it was role play time. The children had a chance to be nurses, injured soldiers, work in the kitchen, garder and laundry. I think they realised how hard the staff had to work.

The children were great throughout and used every opportunity to use their prior knowledge to impress! I was very proud indeed.

Thank you to Lisa from History off the page and all the parents that volunteered to help. We couldn’t have had such a successful day without you all!