Firefighters come to Skyswood!

On Friday, Reception joined their friends in Nursery for a visit from the fire brigade. We learnt about the different jobs firefighters do, from putting out fires, helping at the scenes of car accidents, rescuing people caught in floods and of course, rescuing animals in distress.

Mrs Carmichael was nominated by the children to dress up as a firefighter and the firemen told us about the strong boots, fire retardant trousers, jackets, gloves and helmets with visors that they need to wear when attending a fire. We talked about smoke alarms and the children learnt that in the case of fire, we should leave the building and call 999.

The Reception children then went outside to see the fire engine. We saw all the different equipment kept on the fire engine – hoses, ladders, a fire extinguisher, the heavy cutters used to help people in car accidents and the oxygen tank and face mask which firemen use to protect themselves from breathing in smoke.

The children then got to sit in the fire engine and were very excited to squirt water all over the playground with the fire hose!

A huge ‘thank you’ must go to the Hertfordshire Fire Service for a very enjoyable and informative visit!