Fire Brigade visit

Nursery Friends couldn’t wait to welcome their Reception Friends for our visit from the fire brigade.

We learnt that firefighters do more than put fires out. They also rescue people caught in floods, rescue animals in distress and help at car crash scenes. Interestingly, we discovered that there is a fire dog in Hertfordshire and his name is Rex!

The firefighters showed us their breathing apparatus which included a fire mask with a microphone and a very heavy oxygen tank. Firefighters wear this to help them to breath when there is a lot of smoke.

Mrs Kerr dressed up as a firefighter. She put on big heavy boots,  leggings, a jacket, a helmet and thick fire gloves.

Nursery Friends then went outside to see the fire engine. Some even sat in the fire engine cab and squirted water with the fire hose. They saw that there were eight hoses in the fire engine.

Finally, we learnt that in case of fire we should leave the building and call 999 or 112.