Elmer Montages will bring colour to our Gallery!

We have been delighted to receive a number of excellent montage pictures of Elmer the Elephant! It is clear how much time and patience has gone into producing these pictures, they are truly delightful. We will display the pictures in our Elmer gallery alongside any other Elmer artwork that might be submitted for the infant and early years Elmer Art Gallery Competition. Well done to all of the children who have sent in such fantastic artwork!

Tommy’s Elmer has a carefully cut patchwork and a dazzling ear!
Ellie has used a wonderful selection of colours and patterns for her Elmer!
Catherine made a fabulous Elmer mask!
James and Alicia with their wonderful Elmer’s. James had the bright idea to use tissue paper for the more complicated shapes as it was easy to trace. The end results are magnificent!
Casima, one of our nursery pupils, has painted a beautiful picture of Elmer with a brilliant blue trunk.
Alicia’s Elmer has a very twinkly eye!
Even Santa Claus makes a guest appearance on James’ colourful Elmer!
Megan, Hannah and Daniel created this magnificent 3D Elmer, with beautifully coloured and patterned tiles, and striking eyes!
Elmer looks equally impressive from both sides!
Charlie completed a superb patchwork Elmer with three yellow birds keeping him company. Charlie’s mum helped his little brother to also produce a patchwork Elmer; both have been carefully completed and finished off with wonderful googly eyes!
James has created a wonderful Elmer, beautifully shaped and with carefully contrasting colours. The cartoony squares and the stripy squares add extra interest and the eye stands out perfectly on the pink background square.,
Tilana’s Elmer has a well selected colour family of blues, pinks, golds and greens. The lovely variety of patterns helps to make him look really special!

Alice has created a magnificent Elmer using a splendid range of colours and textures.

The infant key worker bubble enjoyed working on a large Elmer ‘patchwork jigsaw.’
The infant bubble proudly display their amazing Elmer!
Emmanuel has used a well chosen range of colours and a variety of textured papers to complete his fabulous Elmer!
Vivienne has created a super Elmer picture and taken great care with details such as the trunk and his lovely light blue eye!
Amelie’s flowery Elmer is complete with buttons, pom-poms, feathers and stars… Elmer is definitely ready for the red carpet!