e-Safety Evening

Advice for Parents Handout Sheet

MAGIC 13 update

We are delighted to announce that Kate Stockdale will be returning to Skyswood to present an e-Safety evening on Thursday 9th November 2017. Kate’s last presentation was around two years ago and was extremely well attended. We feel that this is such a key subject, technology moves forward at a rapid pace and we urge parents to attend. Our local well-being group has found that e-safety and social media is a major cause for stress and anxiety in children and young people today. Our duty is to educate our children and encourage them to make good choices with regard to e-safety, we can best support this is we are fully informed of current issues and advice. Please contact the school office in order to book places for the evening. We have attached some guidance for parents, but attendance at the evening will be of great value, providing you with important information and hopefully answering any of your questions with regard to e-safety.