Decorated Eggs

With Easter Sunday fast approaching, you may like to take up a creative challenge and make something really special for Sunday. You could simply hard-boil and decorate an egg, but the problem is that the egg would eventually go off and that could be rather unpleasant!

So, a special technique would be to blow an egg so that you get rid of the insides whilst leaving the shell perfectly intact. This can be rather tricky, so you might want an adult to help you with this part.

Firstly, with a small pin, prick a hole in the top of the egg and another hole in the bottom of the egg. You may want to make the hole in the bottom slightly larger (as this helps to get the egg out). Once you’ve put the two holes in the egg you blow from the top and the egg will gradually ooze out of the bottom. Make sure you do this in a sensible place (eg over a bowl in the kitchen!) If the egg doesn’t come out then gradually increase the size of the hole in the bottom (but try not to make either hole too big.)

Once you think the yolk and white of the egg is out, and it feels like a hollow egg, it’s a good idea to put the egg in a jug of warm water. Leave it for a while and then this will help to completely wash out anything that remains in the egg (it may bubble a bit and then the water, with gravity, will flush any remaining egg out.)

By blowing out the egg you will then be able to carefully decorate the shell and keep your decorated egg permanently (rather than having to throw it away if the egg was still inside the shell and started to stink!)

I’ve uploaded some pictures that hopefully might give you an idea of different ways that you might decorate your egg. If you send me your pictures of your decorated eggs ( then I’ll upload them all in a special Easter Sunday post! Have fun!