Curriculum Overview

Since the revised National Curriculum was launched in September 2014, our team at Skyswood Primary School have worked together to ensure a depth of coverage and enrichment in all subject areas. Our creative approach ensures a rich, cross-curricular, and skills-based curriculum where children can all develop their love for learning and their self confidence in all curriculum areas.

For many hours a day your child’s classroom becomes their world as they explore, discover and create. Please search through our class posts to see what the children have been focusing on. We hope that this will give you greater insight into their classroom life, and the quality and enjoyment of their learning!

Subject leaders, in consultation with staff, continuously review standards, progress and achievement within their subject areas and are committed to providing a broad, balanced and inspiring curriculum based on the statutory framework. We have summarised the areas of learning within each subject area. If you would like to find out more about the curriculum that we follow, then please contact the school on 01727 854164 and request to speak to the headteacher, or to one of our subject leaders if your query is linked to a specific subject.

One of the key messages within the our curriculum is for schools to actively promote British values within the learning that we set and teach. Please take a look at our statement on how we define British values and how we will ensure that they are actively promoted throughout Skyswood.

How we promote Brtish values at Skyswood