Religious Education

Religious Education at Skyswood is taught using the Discovery Scheme for Religious Education as our framework, and enriching the units of study through visits, guest speakers, assemblies, cross-curricular opportunities, raising the profile of religious festivals, role plays and the use of appropriate religious artefacts. Our Subject Leader is Miss Kate Upton. A summary of the units of study for Key Stages 1 and 2 is given below:

The Religious Education curriculum reflects the broadly Christian nature of our British society. We celebrate differences and ensure a rich coverage of other key faiths within our local, national and global communities. Children visit a number of places of worship during their time at Skyswood. These include local churches, the Gurdwara and the synagogue. Teachers deliver the curriculum in a way that respects the faiths and beliefs of everybody within our school community, including the acknowledgement of agnostic perspectives and beliefs. At the heart of our Religious Education and PSHE curriculum is our commitment to showing value and respect for all, celebrating differences and understanding that others may have different viewpoints than our own.

THE NATURAL WORLD – Autumn Term (Year 1)

Children observe the natural world using their senses. They find out about different religious beliefs about how the world was made, and how different religions celebrate their beliefs through various festivals.

LIGHT – Autumn Term (Year 1)

This unit focuses on how and why light is used to celebrate Christmas, the Hindu festival of Divali, and the Jewish festival of Hanukah.

BELONGING – Spring Term (Year 1)

Children find out about welcoming ceremonies. The unit includes a visit from a member of the Christian faith, alongside a visit from a different faith. The children consider how belonging to a faith may have particular importance and significance for some families.

EASTER – Spring Term (Year 1)

Children consider Lent, and the idea of giving up something for love. They learn about some of the key stories from the Bible that focus on the life of Jesus. Children also find out about the religious symbolism linked to Easter, such as why we have Easter eggs!

BOOKS AND STORIES – Summer Term (Year 1)

This unit looks at precious and important stories that are linked to different faiths. Children consider the significance of the Bible to Christians, the Torah (Judaism) and the Gita (Hinduism) amongst others.