PE & Sport

This section will give you an overview of our P.E. curriculum and a summary of the extra curricular sports opportunities available at Skyswood. Mr Oswin is our P.E. Co-ordinator and is supported by a team of staff who offer a wide range of extra-curricular sports opportunities. Our curriculum focus is to provide our pupils with a diverse range of sports and physical activities to experience, enjoy and develop in. Our curriculum is designed to include and enrich the key principles for P.E. We aim to provide a high quality curriculum that inspires all learners to succeed and excel in physical activities and competitive sports. Through our P.E. curriculum, children become increasingly aware of the importance of exercise and healthy lifestyles, come to understand the importance warming up and cooling down, and evaluate their own performance, and the performance of others. Children develop a growing understanding of how to apply tactics in game situations, and develop increasing control with basic skills and techniques as they progress through the school. 

Through Key Stage 1 and lower Key Stage 2 there is a focus on building the key skills that can be later applied to a range of games situations. (You can read our notes on the Skyswood P.E. and swimming uniform here.)

As the children progress into the upper juniors the scheme of work then focuses on specific sports. All classes enjoy a range of athletics activities in the summer term and, where possible, our games units link and prepare our children for a range of local sports competitions.

Our Key Stage 2 children receive swimming lessons for one term per year, which take place at the Sandringham School swimming pool. Years 4 and 5 have swimming lessons in the Autumn term, Years 3 and 6 have swimming lessons in the Summer term.  Games, movement, gymnastics and dance are all embedded within our core P.E. curriculum, with a rich programme of outdoor adventurous activities running through Key Stage 2. 

National Curriculum: Physical Education Programmes of Study

Sports Premium Grant Funding

Read more about the school Sports Premium here.


Through our P.E. curriculum, pupils will;

  • Develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities.

  • Be physically active for sustained periods of time.

  • Work collaboratively and build upon their personal range of skills as they progress through the school.

  • Lead healthy, active life-styles.

Our extra-curricular programme for sport is exceptionally strong. Clubs were obviously put on hold in line with Covid restrictions, but ordinarily our children have opportunities to participate in football, netball, basketball, hockey, tag rugby, kwik-cricket, gymnastics, short tennis, table-tennis, cross-country, street dance and athletics clubs over the course of each year. The school participate in a wide range of local school leagues and competitions.

The school also enjoys an Annual Sports Day towards the end of the Summer term, along with a House Day in the Summer term. (Our four houses; Dolphin, Falcon, Lion and Wolf, compete in house football, netball, hockey and table-tennis competitions.)