PE & Sport


What skills and knowledge do we intend our pupils to gain?

 At Skyswood we aim to ensure that children leave us with a wide-ranging sporting skillset as well as the ability to think tactically and to play as part of a team.  Furthermore, we aim to leave the children with a knowledge of how to stay healthy and fit, supporting them as they move into secondary school and on into later life. Opportunities to compete and engage in a wide range of sports and physical activities enable our children to develop character and embed values such as co-operation, fairness and respect.

In line with the national curriculum, our programmes for physical education ensure that all pupils;

  • Develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities

  • Are physically active for sustained periods of time

  • Engage in competitive sports and activities

  • Lead healthy, active lives


How has the curriculum been developed, how is it taught and how is it assessed in order to support our children to build their knowledge and apply that knowledge as skills?

 PE is taught at Skyswood twice a week within each class.  We have developed our curriculum based around the early development of core skills and then the progression and application of these skills into team games, sports and performance. Early years pupils focus on the refinement of fundamental movement skills and the development of motor skills, body strength, co-ordination, balance and agility. Children build progressively on these early foundations and engage in an increasingly challenging range of competitive and co-operative physical activities as they move forward into Key Stage 1.

In Key Stage 2 our pupils apply and develop a broader range of skills, evaluating their performance and engaging in a wider range of competitive games and sports.  A balanced curriculum is provided to ensure a range of opportunities across the wide spectrum of the PE curriculum.  Outdoor Adventurous Activities and swimming are introduced into the P.E. curriculum at the start of Key Stage 2.  A wider range of sports enable the children to hone their tactical awareness and teamwork.  The development of our outdoor adventurous activities curriculum raises the profile of collaborative problem-solving activities and supports the children’s learning with regard to safety, fitness and healthy lifestyles.

At Skyswood we also value the extra-curricular opportunities that are presented to the pupils.  We are very proud to offer a wide range of clubs and teams, and believe that through sport children can become happier, healthier and more confident. 


What outcomes will our children achieve as a result of the curriculum they have received?

 Our aim is that children will leave Skyswood with a passion for P.E and a breadth of sporting, gymnastic and physical skills.  Our curriculum will provide a path for our children to further enjoy and excel in sport and recreation as they through progress through secondary school and on into adult life.  Children will develop an awareness of healthy lifestyles and recognise the benefits of participation in sport, dance and physical activity.

National Curriculum: Physical Education Programmes of Study

Sports Premium Grant Funding

Read more about the school Sports Premium here.

Our extra-curricular programme for sport is exceptionally strong. Clubs were obviously put on hold in line with Covid restrictions, but ordinarily our children have opportunities to participate in football, netball, basketball, hockey, tag rugby, kwik-cricket, gymnastics, short tennis, table-tennis, cross-country, street dance and athletics clubs over the course of each year. The school participate in a wide range of local school leagues and competitions.

The school also enjoys an Annual Sports Day towards the end of the Summer term, along with a House Day in the Summer term. (Our four houses; Dolphin, Falcon, Lion and Wolf, compete in house football, netball, hockey and table-tennis competitions.)