Mrs Heidi Lewis is our school’s English Co-ordinator. Literacy skills underpin all aspects of our curriculum. In our Key Stage 1 and Reception classes we organise additional daily English sessions using the Read Write Inc Scheme. This supports our English curriculum with the delivery of daily phonics teaching. The children work in small, focused groups for the first session of every day.

Bob Bridle, Headteacher, has created a spelling scheme to support the delivery of the national curriculum in Key Stage 2 English. The scheme, ‘Spell to Excel’, uses spelling in the context of developing a wider range of literacy skills, including the development of vocabulary and consolidation of grammar. The scheme places emphasis on children taking greater ownership of their own learning and also develops a wider range of thinking skills. Children have an introductory session on Mondays, activities to support the week’s focus on Wednesdays, short, sharp consolidation activities on Tuesdays and Thursdays, and spelling dictation and assessment sessions on Fridays. TTS, one of Britain’s leading educational suppliers, have now published the scheme nationally. We also have an innovative approach to the teaching of grammar, introducing a range of ‘grammar games’ to support and consolidate childrens’ learning in this area.

The school raise the profile of writing through publications of our own books, such as our amazing ‘Too Busy’ dinosaur story, which was produced by our recrption class and launched in July 2017 at Waterstones book store in St Peters Street, St Albans.

National Curriculum: English Programmes of Study 

Spell to Excel

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