Castles, Cartoons, a Skyswood Rainbow, Anniversary Art, a wonderful print, Poetry and the 2.6 Challenge!

A massive congratulations must go to Charlotte and Iris for their fabulous effort in raising over £200 through the 2.6 Challenge. Iris read an amazing total of 26 books (over the course of three days), Charlotte completed 26 pogo jumps and the girls spent 26 hours in the garden (including an overnight camp!) I’m pleased the girls didn’t do that today, with the weather changing s dramatically! The girls are raising money for The Smallest Things Charity, which supports premature babies and their families.) Charlotte even featured on the CBBC’s Newsround Page. Well done girls, we’re all so proud of you!

Rainbow over Skyswood. Jimmy (Year 6) found this photo and thought it quite apt at this particular point in time. Thank you Jimmy, a fabulous photo. Let’s hope the sunshine returns for the weekend!
It’s thumbs up from Iris as she completes her 26 book reading marathon!
Well done to Charlotte and Iris on their magnificent effort!
Phoenix has made a very cool anniversary poster!
Jack’s Roman soldier
Rose has created a dramatic Great Fire of London picture
A wonderful anniversary party-popper picture. Thank you Isla
Daniel, Megan and Hannah followed up the castle quiz by making some castles of their own. This one includes some impressive towers and a moat.
A Royal castle with some impressive Beefeaters!
And a castle with towers of different colours!



Ice-cream, ice-cream, you are the best,

You are so sweet,

And you give me a treat,

I love to eat you on a hot summer’s day.

Ice-cream, ice-cream, I love any kind,

You are so yummy,

And great for my tummy,

I love to eat you any way.

Cherie (Year 3)


Ode to Pizza

Oh pizza, oh pizza,

You glorious thing,

I gobble you up

With one big grin.

Your cheesy topping,

Delights me within,

Oh pizza, oh pizza,

You glorious thing.




Oh magnificent pizza,

I adore your sticky cheese,

Your fabulous tomato red is my favourite colour,

I admire your perfectly round shape,

Oh my dear, wonderful and delicious pizza,

How much I love you!




Oh crunchy and glorious corn,

Your sweet fabulous taste makes me happy,

I love you are yellow as the sun,

When I eat you it makes me twirl,

You are the most yummy ‘licious food

I have ever had!



Sensations Roast Chicken and Thyme Crisps

The flavour of my dreams,

The smell wafts out of the bag as it pops open,

My mouth waters at the fantasy of thyme and the glorious roast chicken,

The delicious sensation of the crunch in my mouth,

And the sadness of eating the last one,

Sensations Roast Chicken and Thyme crisps…

I would be incomplete without you.

Chloe (Year 4)


Ode to Spaghetti Bolognese

Oh spaghetti Bolognese,

I love the swirly texture you have,

I slurp and slurp and slurp until my chin is orange,

Oh, spaghetti Bolognese,

I love you even though you’re not a living thing.

Rose (Year 1)


Ode to Pasta

Oh pasta ,

I love all your different shapes and sizes ,

I like that I can just eat you with a fork,

I dream about your lines, butterflies and strips,

I love you pasta!

Jack (Year 3)



Sloths are slow and live in treetops,

Treetops tall in tropical forests,

Forests need to be protected,

Protected by climbing these creatures reach high,

High near the sky is where they like being,

Being brown and furry makes them hard to be seen,

Seen snoozing often you’ll find all sloths,

Sloths are slow and live in treetops.

Isla (Year 4)



Shortbread you are delicious,

Your buttery taste,

Your crumbly biscuit,

You go perfectly with a mug of hot chocolate,

You make me want more!

Megan (Year 4)


Custard Creams

Your sweet creamy centre melts in my mouth,

Custard creams I love you,

Your crumbly sugary biscuit is wonderful,

Every time I see you my mouth waters like crazy,

Your taste is divine,

Which makes me feel marvellous and fine.

Hannah N (Year 4)


Daniel’s Guy Fawkes cartoon
Hannah’s Florence Nightingale picture
Megan’s Stone Age cave dwellers
Mia’s sketch of the Great Fire of London
This wonderful NHS press print collection was produced by the children of key workers, under the guidance of Miss McAlister, last week.
Emily’s Florence Nightingale cartoon
Finn has captured Hades, God of the Underworld!
And Zeus, King of the Gods!
Rory’s cartoon of Tutankhamun’s Death Mask