Cartoons, Poems, an Oceans Moodboard and a letter to Boris!

Thank you to all of the children who have sent me their pictures or poems over the past couple of days. We look forward to sharing a few charismatic cartoons, a couple of lovely poems, a letter to the postman, a letter to Boris, and Rory’s Oceans Moodboard.

Also, our Art Club leader, Laura Ellis, is posting a daily art challenge on her website. Those of you who have worked with Laura will know that she’s a fabulous art teacher, so if you’d like some daily inspiration with art then simply go to

Connor’s wonderful broccoli cartoon!
Anton (Year R) with his wonderful Mr Onion!
Daniel (Year 2) has created this charismatic cartoon pineapple!
Chloe (Year 4) has created a colourful fruitbowl, with the fruits demanding to be eaten NOW!
Megan (Year 4) has created a very imaginative blueberry family!
Oscar (Year6) has illustrated an important branch of the Tomato family tree!
Hannah (Year 4) has created a winking watermelon and a pair of cheerful cherries!
Rory (Year 2) has captured a wide range of textures and techniques in his Oceans Moodboard.
Ana’s thoughtful message to the postman
Eva’s kind message to Boris!
And Eva’s Get Well card, with Coronavirus standing on its head!

Seaside Sedoka

Delicious ice cream 

Fish swimming in the ocean

Banana boats on the sea

Making sandcastles

Grandpa slept on a deck chair

I love the summer seaside

Zac (Year 4)


 Isolation Poem

What I can touch…

A green and blue play shed,

A shiny black chair,

A red caterpillar toy,

Lots of green grass,

And a light brown wall.

I can’t wait to…

Play football in a stadium,

Eat pizza in a restaurant,

Play tennis at my club,

Go to my friends parties,

And go to a wood to find St Albans’ rocks. 

Oliver (Year 2)



Green grass moving in the wind,

Crunchy green cucumber as I bite.

Crispy green leaf as we walk by,

Shiny green pencil rubbing on the paper,

Comfy green blanket I take to bed.

Bobby (Year 4)