Cardboard and Newspaper Appeal!

As we look forward to our return to school following the Easter holiday, our Year 6 class are excited about auditions and creative workshops linked to their performance of the Lion King towards the end of the summer term.

Within the first couple of weeks back we intend to have a prop-making workshop for Year 6 pupils and would appreciate any donations of large cardboard boxes and newspaper. Many of the props will be made using cardboard structures and papier-mache, so if you’d like to recycle your newspapers by donating them to Year 6 that would be great.

Large sheets of cardboard would also come in really handy as there are some exciting props, including the elephant’s graveyard and several animal props for the opening ‘Circle of Life’ number.

All donations of newspaper or cardboard should please be sent in the direction of Mr Oswin or Mr Bridle.