Reception: Books! Books! Books!

This week, Reception have been celebrating books with some great activities! On Wednesday, we had a very informative trip to Marshalswick library where they were shown the children’s section and how to check a book in and out, and had time to listen to some stories and choose some books to share with the adults.

Then on Thursday, it was of course World Book Day! With our whole school focus on the text ‘Coming to England’ by Floella Benjamin, the children were invited to come into school either in traditional dress linked to their family’s heritage or as their favourite book character. We had a great assembly where everyone got see each other and we found out about some of the wonderful and diverse places around the world that Skyswood children have links to. All the children looked fantastic and were very enthusiastic about talking about their costumes or clothing back in the classroom.

Olivia C, Yousuf and Olivia P in their traditional dress from Romania, Pakistan and Poland.

Many thanks to everyone for making this week such a great experience for the children and bringing the enjoyment of books even more to the fore.