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Year 2 – Weblinks UPDATED

Dear Year 2 We often use websites in school that you would like to explore further at home. Here are a few links for you to use. Please ask your parents before you use them. Have [...]

Year 2 Spring Term

Welcome back. We hope you all had a lovely holiday. It has been great to see all the children raring to go in 2012! This post will tell you about what we will be learning this [...]

Year 2 Salt Dough Decorations

Dear Year 2 We hope to be putting some photos here of your decorations when you’ve finished. I promised to put up the ingredients for salt dough so here they are: Half a cup of salt [...]

Year Two Science Animations

Year Two have been creating animations to explain how a Venus Flytrap gets its food, in ICT. Here is an example from¬†Liliana. Have a go at your own 2Animate film at PurpleMash.         [...]

Year 2 Update

We hope the children are beginning to settle in to the new term. We have a few updates to share: Writing targets come out this week. It would be very helpful if you could spend some [...]