Author of the Term – Reception and Key Stage 1

We have decided to run TWO very exciting competitions for this term’s Author of the Term. School Council wanted to build on all the enthusiasm that has been generated through the Tim Peake mission, and go for a theme of ‘Space.’ We have chosen local author, Jeanne Willis, as our Author of the Term. Jeanne has written several successful books, including the Dr Xargle series. These books look at our planet from the perspective of an alien!

Consequently, one of the competitions is to create your own alien character. Give your alien a name and create a picture. You can use any materials that you like to create the picture. We have some competition ‘character frames’ which can be used, but you can choose to create a picture (or a model) of your character in whatever way you wish. Write a brief character description to go with your picture or model – Where does the alien live? What does it look like? How does it behave? What makes it different from other aliens?

The second competition is to create a model rocket or space station. Again, you can use whatever materials you wish (but make sure that your model is no greater than one metre in height or width.) We intend to display the rockets and space stations centrally within the school and create a book to include all of the alien characters (we’ll take photos of any models.) All children will receive a certificate for entering either competition. You can work on your own, with a friend, or with a parent or grandparent. All entries for the alien competition should be given to your class teachers by Thursday 3rd March. All model rockets or space stations should be taken to Mr Collenette (also by 3rd March). Have fun, be creative!