Author of the Term- Onjali Q.Rauf (Year 4 to Year 6)

The Author of the Term for Years 4 to 6 will be Onjali Q.Rauf, an award winning and best selling children’s author. Her books are especially noted for helping the children of today understand and deal with a range of issues in a narrative that they can relate to in an engaging way. Her debut book, The Boy at the Back of the Class, was met with critical acclaim , winning the 2019 Blue Peter Book Award and Waterstones Children’s Book Prize. Her other titles include The Star Outside My Window, The Night Bus Hero, and a followup to The Boy at the Back of the Class, called The Day We Met the Queen.

In ‘The Boy at the Back of the Class,’ one of the characters (Alexa), offers Ahmet, a gift of a pomegranate. Alexa had found out that pomegranates were popular in Syria and Ahmet was a Syrian refugee. This has inspired our KS2 writing competition; To write a short story entitled ‘The Gift’ (No more than 500 words).

Think of a really special gift. Can you bring this gift ‘to life’ through your descriptive language in your short story?
Consider your characters:
Who is the gift for? Who receives the gift?
Why is the gift being given?
Why is the gift special?

The second competition is to design a poster for World Refugee Day. We have given some example posters in our September newsletter and our Author of the Term assembly launch. You could also look at examples on the Internet. Keep the colour scheme fairly simple (as with the examples). We are looking for a bold, eye-catching image. Also take care with your lettering. Centralise your lettering and think about the words on your poster as also being a piece of art. Don’t use too many words. ‘World Refugee Day’ is the only wording that you really need to accompany your image.

The deadline for both competitions is 21st November.